Our Mission.


We are a community breastfeeding support organization, a project of the 501c3 nonprofit Alabama Cohosh Collaborative. We offer online and in-person classes, meetings, and support to low income mothers of color in Alabama. 

Coloring Between The Lines (CBTL) advocates and insists that accessibility of breastfeeding and mental health support and education is imperative to the progress of low in-come mothers of color and their children to sustaining their breastfeeding journey beyond initial latch though support meetings, classes, and our programing. 

We are a Breastfeeding Support organization offering online and in-person classes, meetings, and support to low income Mothers Of Color in Alabama. We are here to help women of color navigate breastfeeding and the questions that come in between. We want to provide our mothers with knowledge and support to help them make the best informed decisions for them and their family.

What We Do.

We fit the need to help mothers of color become informed about their options when it comes to breastfeeding and birth as we are living in the time of maternal mortality crisis and first food desert. By providing the community with low to no cost access to classes, support, and services we will help mothers of color in their chances of having a successful and positive birthing and breastfeeding experiences.


Kayla Bitten, Director
Imari White, Assistant Director
Jasmine Hammonds, Peer Support Leader

"Centering the conversation around black maternal mortality and the alarming numbers of black mothers who go unsupported when it comes to breastfeeding is a goal of mine. Alabama is one of the worst places to be a black birthing and breastfeeding person. Using black feminist ideas and activism to create spaces that are accessible and valuable for low income mothers of color is just a start. It's time to become rooted in community and advocacy to see change and positive outcomes for us." - Kayla Bitten

 we currently support a group of 200+ women and counting.
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